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Hi, I’m a traveling chef who curates thoughtful dining experiences with story-telling to share my culture & connect with people. My food, VIGLO (Vietnamese with global influences), is about innovation in cooking while honoring traditional recipes of the past.

⭐️ I fine-tuned my cooking from the kitchens of:

  • PER SE: 3 Michelin ⭐️ / the most iconic & respected restaurant in America

  • GAGGAN’S: 2 Michelin ⭐️ / #World50Best list / #1 Asian restaurant in the world

  • YONG YI TING: 1 Michelin ⭐️ / the first-ever Michelin Restaurant Guide in mainland China.


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My family & I immigrated to the US after the fall of Saigon when I was a child, and it was my aunt’s makeshift phở shop that taught me the power of food. Her comforting bowls of phở brought dispirited strangers together to congregate in her tiny one-bedroom apartment every weekend to connect with each other while slurping her delicious phở. That lesson of the power of food as nourishment not just for the body but also the soul always stuck with me and shaped my journey as a popup dinner chef.


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Soup & Salad

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Appetizer & Side

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Praises From ViGLO Diners

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Jared L.

“It was fantastic from start to finish. Having just returned from dining at @restaurantmirazur the #1 restaurant in the world, I can attest that Chef Mimi’s skills in the kitchen are world class. The VOGLO dinner was amazing and something Jacksonville needs more of”

Stephanie Y.

“The food was DELICIOUS and CREATIVE, and we had such a nice time catching up with all friends and meeting some new friends!”

Michael M.

“We really enjoyed the dinner. The salad and the ramen were particularly DELICIOUS! It was a very nice group of people. Thank you very much for doing this – we had a great meal of AUTHENTIC VIETNAMESE VIGLO food, and it is a real addition to the JACKSONVILLE DINING SCENE!”

Dr. Si P.

“Thank you for the wonderful dinner. We LOVED THE FOOD and the AMBIENCE.”

Dr. Justin N.

“Thank you for the WONDERFUL dinner with all TRIP characters (Taste/ Rarity/ Ingredient/ Presentation). We both enjoyed it thoroughly.”

Alexandra N.

“What a WONDERFUL evening. We LOVED THE CULINARY CREATIONS and the company of new friends.”

Shana L.

“We had such a nice time at your VIGLO event, and the food was OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD FANTASTIC.”

Danielle F.

“Your VIGLO dinner last night was OUTSTANDING! Every dish was DELICIOUS and they looked INCREDIBLE too. My friends all said the same. I definitely want to go to your next one.”

Sasha N.

“A BEAUTIFUL COMPREHENSIVE EXPERIENCE with the consistency of the theme throughout many details. The food was DELICIOUS, let alone the uniqueness of each and appeal of the presentation.”



Christine B.

“Love the ambience, quality ingredients, art of plating, and a touch of MOLECULAR GASTRONOMY.”


“Loved meeting new people & such DELICIOUS food.”

Chung-Hae C.

“Thank you for sharing your CULINARY GIFT with us. You did a great job as a chef, hostess, and artist.”

Mae B.

“Thank you for such an AMAZING dining experience. My family LOVED it. Next time, we will likely bring more members of our family!”

Praises From Industry

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Heather Schatz

Producer - WJCT

“I truly appreciate the amount of thought & effort that goes into Chef Mimi's Viglo dinners, not just from a FOOD perspective, but also from a prep, plating and PRESENTATION, and SERVICE perspective. I also loved the fact that she took the time to explain to her guests the background, inspiration and flavors in each dish. Jacksonville is lucky to have someone as talented as Chef Mimi based here. And the fact that she is willing to share her unique experience and vision with us is great not just for those who can attend her dinners, but also for the city's larger CULINARY SCENE.

Matthew Medure

Executive Chef/Proprietor of Matthew’s Restaurant

“We recently had the pleasure of hosting our first VIGLO dinner with @TheTasteCurator, a French popup collaboration. Chef Mimi Lan did a WONDERFUL job planning, preparing and executing this event. Our guests from the evening can agree it was worth the hours she spent behind the scenes. Her level of commitment and ATTENTION TO DETAILS are unmatched, and we thoroughly enjoyed watching the night unfold filled with all of the SPECIAL TOUCHES she prepared”

Dennis Chan

Cookbook Author, Culinary Instructor, Executive Chef/Proprietor of Blue Bamboo RestaurantMatthew Medure

“Chef Mimi Lan is truly passionate about good food, and good experiences. Her METICULOUS attention to detail and photographable plates are inspiring and heartwarming to anyone who sees them. There is nothing ordinary about Chef Lan’s food, often described as simply SPECTACULAR. Her dedication to serving only the best is a true gift to our food community. She’s a CHEF WITH A BIG HEART, and her love for food is second only to her love for people. I admire her charitable work through food and am grateful to be able to work with her often.”

Anna Heise

Food Blogger Annaeatzjax.com, @annaeatzjax

“I was so pleased that I had the opportunity to attend Chef Mimi Lan’s Viglo #2, a MASTERFUL TRIP through some of the most SUMTUOUS FOOD I have ever experienced. The food was absolutely INCREDIBLE, from preparation to presentation, very pleasing. Each dish placed before me was FRESH and simply exquisite. Intricate, BEAUTIFUL FLAVORS, PERRFECT PRESENTATION.”

Lauren Titus

Food Editor of Edible magazine

“The evening was ENCHANTING and DELICIOUS. The meal was carefully planned out to be both flavorful and informative. Each course was BEAUTIFULLY PLATED, and I heard comments from other diners about how the plates were so pretty they hated to eat the food. But they did, and everyone talked about trying new flavor combinations. I learned some new information about Vietnamese cuisine, about the noodles especially, and it was IMPRESSIVE how the CULTURAL ASPECT of the meal were included in each course.”

Cary Hart

Proprietor - Aqua Grill

“Chef Mimi Lan’s dedication, passion, attention to details, and high quality cooking attributed to the HUGE SUCCESS of our VIGLO dinner. Anyone who attends one of her dinners will have a very MEMORABLE UNIQUE evening and will be introduced new tasty cuisine that they will crave in the future

Nate Mayo

Food Blogger @NateDoesFood, #NomnomJaxProprietor - Aqua Grill

“You NAILED IT everytime Mimi”

Barbara Bredehoeft

Proprietor - bb’s Restaurant

“Chef Mimi Lan has truly brought a UNIQUE experience to Northeast Florida, and a CULTURAL SERIES to Jacksonville that is unforgettable. After 20 years at bb's, I get a kick out of something new and different to keep my staff stimulated. Chef Mimi was the perfect fit for that equation. We loved having her at bb's and enjoyed the cultural exchange. Her food is AUTHENTIC and her energy is contagious. It was truly a MEMORABLE experience.”


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I’m beyond excited to be a part of [@cookswhocare](https://www.instagram.com/cookswhocare/)’s first-ever #cookbook(https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/cookbook/) in printed and digital versions, where 100% of the proceeds will be used to fund mini-grants for health & mental health services, provided to food service workers in Philadelphia, Delaware County (PA) & Southern New Jersey.


I’m so proud and honored to be an ambassador and one of the chefs to cook at MAPPS Restaurant Reset Conference for women in culinary & hospitality, April 24-26 in Fort Lauderdale Beach. My friends [@afinelinemovie](https://www.instagram.com/afinelinemovie/) and [@mappimpact](https://www.instagram.com/mappimpact/) are partnered with major teams like [@beardfoundation](https://www.instagram.com/beardfoundation/) for this conference to advocate for a more equitable, diverse and inclusive workforce for more women to lead in #culinary(https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/culinary/), #hospitality(https://www.instagram.com/explore/tags/hospitality/), and beyond.

TASTEagram @thetastecurator

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